Questions to Ask Before You Book Wedding Car Hire

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Are you worried about what to look for when booking your wedding car hire? Fret not, you are not alone, and while it may seem daunting, with a little guidance anyone can do so successfully. We’ve consulted a few experts to pick their brains over precisely what a couple ought to be confident that a company can provide. Not only do you want a vehicle that suits your theme, but of course one who operates punctually and professionally.

All reputable wedding car hire buckinghamshire  operators will be happy to answer any questions you ask regarding their service – so here’s a selection of those that must be at the top of anyone’s list.

How Many Cars Will Be Needed On The Big Day?

It may sound like an obvious question, but this is one that does matter depending on the theme and style of your wedding. For instance, a traditional arrangement would be for just one car to ferry the bride and father to the wedding venue, and then to carry the bride and groom to the reception. Everyone else attending can make their own arrangements. Alternatively, you may opt to transport the whole wedding transportation buckinghamshire  party (bridesmaids, close relatives etc.) in a fleet of vehicles.

Following the ceremony usually only one car is used for the bride and groom, but again this comes down to personal choice and of course how much you are willing to spend. Many taxi firms will offer a ‘fleet discount’ if ordering plenty of vehicles in advance.

Who Is Travelling With Who?

This really comes down to personal choice, and there’s simply no ‘rules’ to worry about. It used to be the case that the mother of the bride would arrive alongside the bridesmaids, but that is seen by some as a little outdated nowadays.

Don’t forget the groom and his party also! It is less traditional for them to arrive in a formal arrangement, but some people prefer to keep them all together – and ensure they turn up on time!

How Long Can We Have The Car?

One of the most important considerations when selecting a wedding vehicle company is the duration that you have ‘possession’ of the car. It is not uncommon for many companies to serve multiple weddings over a day during peak season – which of course enhances the risk of delays if your ceremonials are in the late afternoon. Good companies will allow you to have it for as long as needed but check their pricing and above anything plan to book at least several months in advance.

Also, consider that the car happens to be one of the most popular features in wedding photography – and we all know how long that can take! Factor this in if it is important to you but only intending to have the vehicle for a set number of hours.

Are Classic Cars Worth The Risk?

The worst case scenario is, of course, that vintage wedding cars buckinghamshire  refusing to start on the wedding day. It is incredibly rare but does unfortunately happen. For this reason, it is worth checking out reviews from previous couples to see if they had any unexpected technical glitches. Any reputable company will not only ensure that their vehicles are in perfect running order, but also have a backup option just in case.

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