Planning a Vacation in the Smokies? Make Sure to Visit These Attractions

The Honeymooning in the Great Smokey Mountains National Park mountain range spanning Tennessee and North Carolina is a wonder of nature. Home to 187,000 acres of old growth forest, the range is one of the most diverse ecosystems in North America. It is also home to the densest black bear population and the most diverse salamander population in the Eastern United States.

If you plan to truly enjoy and experience the wilderness and nature the way it was intended to be, a few nights stay in a secluded Smoky Mountain cabin is the way to go. Do not let the word “secluded” scare you though, these cabins are safe, completely monitored, and (some) come full with amenities. These cabins are businesses and the people behind them are professionals-they will not let anyone in harm’s way.

The seclusion experience comes right after you and your family have settled in the cabin. You will be left alone in a quiet and peaceful spot amidst the trees, maybe atop a hill, with a nice view of part of the mountain range. At night, nothing will remind you of the busy and cluttered metropolis life you left behind, and the only sounds you will hear are those of nature’s most amazing creatures.

Forget about being closely-monitored as it will not get in the way of your serene atmosphere. It is only there for emergencies or if you need something. It is part of what you pay for; it is a service that is mostly there for your peace of mind.

The cabins offered these days come in many different styles, sizes, and prices. There are those that can accommodate even the biggest of families, while the others are more-suited for honeymooners and backpackers. Renting a cabin has also now been made easy because of online booking.

When in the Smokies, be sure to arrange for visits to the other tourist destinations and attractions like the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. The park offers fun attractions and activities such as hiking and fishing. The Smokies is also home to the legendary Honeymooning in the Great Smokey Mountains National Park -the world’s largest knife store and museum, and, more recently, to Tennessee’s largest water park resort, so you might want to plan for those as well.

The Smokies is a great place to be in-it is a fun experience for families both big and small, for honeymooners, and even for backpackers. Make sure you allot enough time for a trip because you would not want to miss the numerous attractions due to time constraints. And after a tiring day from all the fun sights and activities, nothing beats retiring the day in a secluded mountain cabin.

Onde conseguir um fotógrafo que te entenda, ouça e consiga traduzir teus sonhos em imagens? O fotógrafo Bruno Montt é especialista em casamentos na praia e documentar histórias únicas. Com uma sensibilidade fora do comum, seu trabalho era o que eu procurava para documentar as memorias da minha familia.
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Wedding Photographers – Guidelines to Choose the Best

Sydney Wedding Photographer and Video are amongst the most envied in the world. They have some of the most easily recognizable and amazing back-drops to work with, and a climate to match. Yes, they are very lucky, but how do you choose the one that is right for you? One very easy way to start is with the internet – here you will not only find plenty to choose from but, all samples of their work as well. Using this as a point of reference you can eliminate much of the walking around visiting different studios.

Getting the best photographer you can makes your wedding shots a thing to treasure for many years to come. So don’t just pick the first one you see, shop around, look at the different styles they can use. Maybe you have a certain theme in mind already, beach wedding, scenic backgrounds, whatever your choice, time spent doing a little research beforehand can make or break your photos.

Your wedding day photos are not a job you want to give to your best friend because he said he’s good with a camera and can save you money. Your wedding is a big investment, and as with any investment you want it done properly, hiring a professional photographer will ensure your day is captured in all its beauty and warmth.

Word of mouth is probably one of the best recommendations anyone can get. Start by asking friends and family that have already used a professional, and see if it matches any of those you reviewed on the internet. Try to keep your final choice down to 2 or 3, this makes it easier to visit them, where you can go into the details of the kind of shots you want, how much it will cost, and any other questions you have in mind. You will also get a feeling about whether you can work together. How you and the photographer interact is important. They should be able to supply the names of previous clients, you can use these to cross check and gain information as to how the day went for them.

Another thing you can use as a guideline is to find out if the photographer is a member of the Australian Institute of Professional Sydney Wedding Photographer and Video.

Do not be afraid to ask how many years experience the photographer has associated with weddings, some studios may have varied portfolios, whilst they may produce good pictures you really want the best, so a studio that is focused mainly on weddings will have the right credentials. It stands to reason, a studio that has been in business a long time, has obviously worked with many clients and to still be in business means they must be good. A professional, experienced photographer will have the knowledge behind them to be able to capture the pictures you want and do it in such a way that you will hardly notice they are there.

There are plenty of studios to choose from in Sydney, take your time in choosing the right one. Plan in advance of your wedding date, and you are sure to get the blessed memories you will want to see time and again through the years.

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Tungsten Ring Shopping and What You Need to Know

Exceptional for permanent polish and resilience to wear and tear, tungsten rings have gained immense popularity in recent years, especially among men, and is one the fastest types of wedding bands selling online today. But with the huge numbers of retailers who have caught on to this trend now flooding the market, how should the savvy online shopper decide which one to choose from? Let’s just say, not all tungsten carbide rings are equal. Here are some things you need to know to turn your online tungsten ring purchase into the best one ever.

Tricks of the trade to navigate the online tungsten carbide ring market

1. Find a retailer where “Free” is actually Free

One of the main reasons for tungsten carbide rings’ exploding popularity, besides their extreme hardness and shine, is all the “free” offers that come with its purchase to make it a great deal. But don’t be so easily fooled, not all “free” offers are truly free.

Free Shipping – Free shipping is free, only if you keep the ring. If you decide to return it, shipping cost may be deducted from your refund.

30 day money back guarantee/refund – May come with a sizable re-stocking or processing fee.

Free Lifetime Warranty/Sizing – Comes with a hefty “deductible” fee sometimes up to $50-75.

Of course, there are retailers that offer truly free sizing and warrantee with no hidden fees. These stores that are willing to offer quality services stand by the quality in their rings and are confident that their rings will not fail.

2. The 3 C’s of tungsten rings – Comfort, Content, Craftsmanship

Even though pictures from different websites may look the same, the actual ring you get may not look as good as its picture. There is a huge variation in the quality of rings out there, differences you cannot discern without having the ring in your hand. These are factors to consider to be sure you are buying the highest quality ring you deserve.

Comfort – depends on the Thickness of the ring, weight, width, etc.

The comfortable feeling of wearing a ring is greatly determined by its thickness. While most retailers proudly boast they offer “comfort fit” rings, they are less eager to declare their actual thickness. In many cases of tungsten rings, they are often too thick to be comfortable. After all, a thin halo of metal around your finger feels better than a bolt, and looks better. For example, most gold rings average 1.8 mm – 2.0 mm maximum in thickness. Poor quality tungsten rings can be as thick as 2.5 mm and there are many of them out there. There is a difference in the properties of gold and tungsten as metals. Tungsten wedding bands will be on average thicker than gold ones as they need to be a certain thickness to prevent breaking. But as long as this threshold is achieved, they should be as thin as possible, and this depends on how the tungsten ring is made. Higher quality tungsten rings should have a maximum thickness of 2.3 +/- 0.1 mm. Also, it is important to know that the ring’s thickness should change depending on the size. A size 12 ring can be 2.3 mm thick while a size 6 ring should only be 1.8 mm thick to be most comfortable. Determine the right thickness for your size to get a truly high quality ring. Look for listed specifications of a ring’s thickness, width, weight, etc. Also make sure the edges of your tungsten ring do not feel sharp or ragged as this has been seen in many low quality rings. A truly well made “comfort fit” ring should have no sharp edges.

Content – Percentage of Tungsten Carbide Purity

Most tungsten ring websites know to mention that high quality tungsten bands have trace amounts of nickel in the composition of the rings while low quality ones use cobalt, or that quality tungsten rings are made of tungsten carbide; but the actual percentage of tungsten carbide in the ring is a lesser known fact. Many retailers do not really understand the actual facts or details and are less likely to offer real high quality tungsten wedding bands. Like gold jewelry, made of 58.3% gold (14 karat) or 75% gold (18 karat), the tungsten ring is best at a certain percentage of purity (Gold jewelry is almost never 100% – 24 karat- because it would be too soft and lose form easily). If there is too little tungsten carbide, the rings are not as hard and scratch-resistant as they could be; with too much tungsten carbide, the rings are too brittle and crack easily. An alloy with a purity of 85% Tungsten Carbide is the current standard for producing the best quality rings. Ask your retailer before you buy, and they should be able to answer this question without hesitation.

Craftsmanship – Symmetry of the Final Finish and Style

Tungsten carbide rings are each individually created, even the same style ring will not be exactly perfectly alike, and there may be a huge difference in the final look and symmetry of the ring. Symmetry means that one side of the ring should look the same as the other side, or as close as possible. For example, if a tungsten ring is supposed to have beveled edges, the bevel on one side should be equally as wide as the other bevel. If a tungsten ring had a brushed center stripe, make sure it is not off center, unless it is intentionally designed that way. A satin or brushed finish should also be as even and precise as possible. If a brushed finish meets a polished finish, see if there is a straight line all around the ring where the two finishes meet. Inconsistent finishes and obvious asymmetry in tungsten rings reflect poor craftsmanship and lack of good quality control.

Best Test to find the Highest Quality Tungsten Ring

If you are willing to spend a little extra time, it can be worth it to take advantage of the free shipping and 30 day money back guarantees to purchase tungsten rings from more than one online retailer. Compared side by side in your hand, you may be able to see whether you are truly getting the highest quality tungsten ring you expect.

3. Pricing

With tungsten rings, higher prices actually do somewhat reflect higher quality. Tungsten rings are unique because they are made in a different fashion from most precious metal rings. Due to the high cost of gold and platinum, for example, individual molds are created for each ring style and then molten metal is poured into the molds. Once the metal cools and hardens, it is nearly finished, requiring only minimal polishing work and finish. This leads to less material waste and labor spent polishing and grinding the ring into the desired shape. Tungsten rings, on the other hand, cannot be made with molds because of tungsten’s unique extreme hardness. Instead, each ring starts out from a rough cast that looks exactly the same. Through intense labor and machining, the ring acquires its final distinctive finished design, similar to a statue that is chiseled out of a solid block of rock. Therefore, more time, labor, and work will likely produce higher quality rings, and also equates with higher costs. Rings that retail for less than $100 reflect lower costs, but usually translate to lower quality.

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Wedding Photo Booth Hire – Fun With Making Memories

One of the most common things about any wedding has got to be photography. Guests love to take photographs and there is almost always a photographer on hand to take snap shots of everyone having a good time, and of course, of the happy, newly married couple as well. Very often there are photographs taken that the couple never actually get to see, because they were taken by other people in attendance. However, hiring a Wedding Photo Booth Hire can really make a big difference.

In order to take advantage of photo booth hire all you need to do is get in touch with a company that hires them out. Check online or in your local telephone directory. They will come and set up everything on your behalf so you will not need to be concerned about that. Furthermore, they will also look after the booth during the event as well, to make sure that nothing goes wrong and that the booth is operating properly at all times. Guests usually love the concept of one of a photograph booth and relish the opportunity to get involved, especially when they can also make use of some silly and fun props. They are fun and informal, suitable for everyone at the event to enjoy.

When you hire one of these booths expect that it will be there for about four to five hours. Your guests will be able to pop in any time they wish. More than one person can fit inside the booth itself as well, making for great photo opportunities. As already mentioned, some fun props can also be used, such as funny wigs and silly looking hats. All of this works together to ensure that your wedding photos will be full of life, character, and originality, instead of the usual, boring, formal types so often seen.

Another great thing about these booths is that the photo strip that is produced is available immediately, and can be kept by those that had their photos taken. Even so, the bride and groom also receive copies of the photographs that were taken for their own personal collection. Usually the photos are put on a compact disc, but they can also be viewed online, either on the company’s website or even on social media websites, such as Facebook, for example. Of course, nothing stops you from having them printed if you want hard copies as well. That is really great, because everyone at the wedding will be able to share their memories of the event. As for those that could not attend for whatever reason, they can also enjoy the photos as well.

Most of the companies that hire out these Wedding Mirror Photo Booth Hire also provide a guest book which is another great feature. Photos can be placed inside the guestbook and the guests can leave a little message along with the photos they took in the booth for the happy couple. They can keep the book as a keepsake, read the messages, and it is a great way for a couple to know that their guests had a good time.

It really is a fun idea to hire one of these booths for weddings, but they can also be hired for any party or special occasion. They provide fun, laughter, and a keepsake of a day or event that singularly special.

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Worlds most expensive weddings reception

Done with the wedding ceremony preparations? Do not let the wedding reception left unprepared!

Almost everybody knows what weddings are all about. It is no wonder since almost everybody will get married someday. Marriage has made love stronger between husband and wife and made it possible for life and families grow. It is a commitment to be taken seriously, and now, your time has come to be a part of the married society, and a celebration is only fit for such an event.

Preparing worlds most expensive weddings Reception

Before preparing your wedding reception, you should already have the number of guests who will be attending available so that you can properly choose the right venue that can accommodate all your guests. The couple may opt to have a formal, informal or themed wedding reception. They may have their reception adjacent to the wedding ceremony venue, back at their home or somewhere fancy and remarkable.

Once you have the list and venue taken care of, chose the cake and food caterer who will be preparing the meals and the cake. The decoration of the reception area should also be taken into consideration, so choose your florist wisely. It is better to choose a florist who understands your wishes and visions as to how the reception should look like. Before the reception takes place, have someone look over the area if these three things are already prepared.

Of course, no newlyweds would want a disastrous first dance. The perfect solution for this is a well-prepared wedding dance. They can take lessons from professional dancers who can teach them the basic steps in the wedding dance.

Since in every wedding celebration there are speeches and toasts told, it is a good idea if the bride and groom also come prepared with their own welcome and thank you speeches for the guests who have attended.

For a very organized and well-coordinated wedding reception, one can employ the services of a professional emcee who will oversee the whole wedding program.

Unconventional worlds most expensive weddings receptions

Dinner wedding reception is the most common type of wedding celebration and is more formal. But with this, money is also an issue for those couples who wanted to save some money. But what others may not know is that there are plenty of choices out there that can suit everybody’s taste, budget and availability. Inexpensive wedding receptions are breakfast, luncheon, tea reception, and cocktail party. Each type of wedding reception has its own pros and cons.

For the inexpensive types of wedding receptions, light meals consisting of sandwiches, fruits, pasta, and other finger foods along with tea are usually served. Since these meals are done early, everybody gets to drive home early and safely. It is not that stressful and tiring. Although the guests may not be in such an atmosphere to party, guests will be able to interact more with one another and with the newlyweds. Cocktail parties and tea receptions are definitely inexpensive.

Just remember though, wedding receptions need not be expensive. It can be simple and solemn because it is not the meals or activities that are to be celebrated, but it is the union of the wedding that is given emphasis.

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Planning a Destination Wedding


Getting married in a white dress in front of your loved ones is the stuff dreams are made of…and even more so if it’s at a far-off romantic location of your choice. From tropical beaches to European castles, destination weddings are popular for good reason. If you’re looking to plan a destination wedding, here are a few things you will need to consider.

Plan in Advance

The first thing you’ll need to do is choose a location and book a venue. If guests will need to travel, especially by air, you will want to give them as much of an advanced notice as possible. Keeping your guests in mind, choose a practical location that isn’t too expensive or difficult to get to. One way to research this is to check flights from the departing city most of your guests will fly from—look for affordability and number of available connections. Once you’ve selected your destination of choice, check local weather patterns and avoid scheduling during a local holiday or event, as this will drive up prices and may limit services. You will also want to research the local legal requirements for marriage. Once your venue is booked and a block of rooms for your guests reserved, send out save the date cards as soon as possible.

Take Care of Your Guests

In addition to giving your guests as much notice as possible, it’s important to make their efforts to attend feel appreciated. After all, they will have to take vacation time off of work, pay for flights, make travel and pet arrangements, etc. Create a packet detailing all of the travel arrangements, contact information, and some well researched recommendations for local activities, places to eat, or must-see sights. If your guests are flying out for your wedding, it’s considerate to arrange and provide transportation from the airport to the venue.

Hire a Professional

A local wedding planner is key to making a destination wedding possible. She can help with vendor selection, language barriers, local knowledge, logistics, and more. Planning a wedding from miles away can be difficult to manage so this assistance will be well worth the money. If you’re a little weary of having your hair styled by a new hair stylist that you haven’t used before, choose a simple style that’s hard to get wrong. Long, loose waves are an easy to style option and can be kicked up a notch with the addition of accessories such as a flower garland hairpiece that your florist can deliver ahead of time. This carefree look would be especially pretty if your destination is a beach wedding. Hair extensions can add length, volume, and thickness—the clip-in technology is so easy to use that you could even do your hair yourself in no time at all. Leverage your wedding planner’s local knowledge to find a suitable make-up artist or enlist the help of one of your more artistic friends ahead of time. Many venues, especially resorts, offer their own wedding planners and list of vendors which can simplify things even more.

My name is Christopher Guest and I write for The Lauren Ashtyn Collection.

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Diamond Earrings –the Perfect Gift For Special Occasions

Princess cut diamonds refer to diamonds that have been crafted in a square shape. Origins relay back to 1979 when a jeweler created the square cut to rival the brilliance that comes with the round brilliant cut. Today, princess cut diamond earrings rank second in popularity, in diamond earrings, necklaces and diamond engagement rings.

The princess cut is shaped similar to that of a pyramid, with the top being cut into a square or rectangular form, and the bottom reaching a point in the setting.

Not only are princess cut diamond drop earrings going to create the most dazzle, but they also give you a bang for your buck as less of the diamond needs to be cut to create the signature look. This way, the stone often comes at a cheaper price than other cuts.

When buying princess cut diamond earrings the cut should be precise. Precision is necessary with the princess cut as the entire view is from stop the diamond. It needs to be impeccably accurate to reflect the light, and retain its sparkly appeal. Since so much of the diamond is on display from the top, it is recommended that the color of princess cut diamond an earring stud is above a G. This will ensure that the diamond appears natural in color, without any distracting tints. Clarity determines the flaws within a diamond. When buying a princess cut diamond it is important that the rating be above a VS2 to ensure the diamond appears flawless to the naked eye.

Princess cut diamond earrings are a timeless classic, as they always retain the dazzle. The way that princess cut diamond earrings are created allows the light to dance within the diamond, creating the brilliance of the round stone with modern, elegant style.

It is important to keep in mind that although princess cut diamonds, and brilliant cut diamonds may be of the same carat weight the diameter of the princess cut may be smaller, as the diamond is longer, and pyramid shaped, accounting for the carat weight.

Princess cut diamond earrings are a great gift idea, or a great present to spoil yourself with. They were created with the purpose of maximizing brilliance in a square cut, and have succeeded and are only growing in popularity.

Basic Shapes of Diamond Stud Earrings

Not only do diamond fashion earrings come in a variety of colors and sizes, they come in a variety of shapes. Each of these shapes creates a different appearance of the diamond earrings, and each shape comes in and out of style each season. Of course, there is the classic princess and brilliant cut but diamond earrings have become popular in other styles like pear or fancy shaped stones.

Square Shaped diamond earrings are available in cuts like princess, or emerald cut. What is the difference between emerald cut diamond earrings, and princess cut diamond earrings? Emeralds cut stones appear to be shaped like rectangles and yields the most brilliant of the square stones. Emerald shaped cuts seem to hold the most color, so when choosing an emerald cut be sure to choose a clear stone, or a stone with a good color rating (over a g rating). Princess cut diamond earrings sparkle effervescently because of the cut to take advantage of the facets within the diamond.

Round shaped diamond earrings come in two main cuts; brilliant cuts of diamond earrings allow the light to come through the stone creating a highly sparkled effect. This is one of the most popular cuts of diamond earrings, and interestingly enough is the most chosen for diamond earring gifts.

Heart shaped diamond earrings have been popularized with days like Valentines Day. The heart setting is created with a cut of diamond that is flat upon the top, and has many facets created to make the heart shaped diamond earrings sparkle. These earrings are a perfect gift, regardless of the holiday and can add a different direction to the jewel box. Heart shaped diamond earrings are available at most stores, especially around Valentine’s Day  but can be special ordered to suit the occasion from most jewelers if they are not in stock.

Fancy shaped diamond tennis bracelet include; marquis, pave diamonds and bevel style diamond earrings. Pave style diamond earrings include various smaller stones fitted together to give the illusion of a larger stone within the diamond stud earrings. Earrings that have been created to have a bezel cut are flush with the mounting, so the stone does not protrude. Using fancy shaped stones allows the diamond to appear larger and more elaborate because of the unique cutting styles.

Regardless of which style is chosen, the shape will remain timeless  as all diamond earrings do. Fancy cuts are most often found in drop earrings, whereas the basic cuts such as princess, emerald and brilliant are reserved for the traditional diamond stud earrings.

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Wedding Dress for You

Picking your wedding dress is a very personal experience – from the designer to the overall fit and the finer details. It’s no use hearing someone else tell you that you look a million dollars if you’re feeling like a sack of potatoes. You need to feel beautiful.

As women, we’ve always been told: “dress for your shape”. Your shape might fall into the given categories of “curvy”, “petite” or “pear-shaped” for example. If you identify as one of those shapes and you’re happy with the style that you’ve been told suits your body type, then that’s great. But for those of you who find the shape-styling mantra to be restrictive, here’s another one that you can follow: “dress for you”.

Dressing for you goes beyond your body shape – it means dressing for your mind, body and soul. The details and styles that make you feel good might not always fall into your “body shape” category. While it can be helpful to use your body shape as a rough guideline when shopping for your wedding dress, it’s not the be all and end all.

Detail is Key

The details of your dress give you a way to express yourself. Maybe you’re a real 21st-century bride who wants to refute the traditional white wedding tradition? Maggie Sottero offers brides-to-be an incredible range of dresses that go beyond the classic ivory colour with choices of rose gold and pink blush.

Emilena by Maggie Sottero is a stunning dress with a vintage feel that is reminiscent of the prohibition era. Let the Vienna crepe satin fabric caress your skin as you embrace the classic 1920s-look. For the more outgoing bride, consider the Aracella dress which would be fit for Cinderella. The beautiful ball-gown style oozes the fairy-tale princess image, with intricate lace detail and Swarovski crystals on the bodice.

If you prefer a classic and simple dress that oozes sophistication, you might consider a Mori Lee dress. The timeless designs feature a sweetheart neckline and an elegant mermaid tail. The beautiful tulle fabrics and simple lace details add a touch of glamour without being too overpowering.

Your Best Feature

An off-the-shoulder cut, a figure-hugging fit or a plunging backline – sometimes you feel your best when showing off a particular part of your body. It doesn’t have to be much – just enough to give you confidence and make you shine.

Pronovias know how to accentuate your best features with their wide range of bridal dresses. The Dracma is a real show-stopper, featuring off-the-shoulder sleeves and a deep-cut neckline with pretty lace overlay. This is for the woman who wants to make a statement.

The Philipa offers a simple V-neckline adorned with Guipure lace that follows over the shoulders and trickles down the back of the dress. The illusion back features delicate buttons that follow the spine and draw attention to the stunning design.

Finally, Sottero& Midgely – for the bride who wants to have fun with everything she does in life (while looking drop-dead-gorgeous of course). Let the sensational Amelie dress do all the talking with the cascading organza skirt that screams glamour and fun. Show off your sparkle with a Swarovski crystal and pearl bodice, plus a dramatic backline to top things off.

If you prefer covering up a bit more, but don’t want to sacrifice on the glamour and allure of your dress, then the Melrose could be for you. This clever dress uses illusion techniques on the sleeves that adorn your arms with beautiful material without exposing any skin. Draw attention to your back with the keyhole features without bearing all. The sheer romance of this dress just makes us want to fall in love all over again – perfect for your wedding day!

Whichever style you pick for the big day – just remember to dress for you.

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Fall Wedding Ideas

wedding_hairpieces (1)
Cooler temperatures, scenic views, and yummy seasonal produce are all reasons why having a fall wedding is a great idea. You can incorporate the best of the season into every aspect of your wedding—from choosing an outdoor venue to take in the breathtaking foliage to using pumpkins and apples as décor and table settings. If you love cutesy slogans, you’ll be in heaven as you “FALL in love” and live “APPLE’y ever after” with autumn weddings.

Set The Scene

In summer it’s too hot, in spring it can be too cold, but fall is the absolute perfect time of year to spring for an outdoor wedding. With the leaves begin to change and paint the landscape in shades of gold, orange, and red, you couldn’t ask for a better backdrop for a wedding. Instead of creating a scene from scratch, the key to autumn weddings is to simply complement the existing scenery. Look for an outdoor venue with lots of trees, especially in the background view of where your ceremony will take place. You can be as creative as you like, from using hay bales covered in cozy blankets as seating for guests or lining the aisle ways with candles and pumpkins.


The options for seasonal libations are virtually endless, but there are a few classics. Spiked apple cider is always a crowd pleaser and easy to make in large batches with fresh apple cider, whole cinnamon sticks, and a spiced rum. If you’d like to tie in the drinks to the party favors, you can even serve it in monogrammed coffee mugs with your wedding details. Other options might include spiked hot cocoa or the ever popular seasonal pumpkin beer. You can put a seasonal twist on any cocktail, however. Trade in a Moscow Mule for an Apple Cranberry Mule and voila—an autumn cocktail made from an old favorite.

The Bride

Autumn is a bit cooler, temperature-wise, and that’s a good thing thanks to the latest bridal trend of long sleeves. Long laced sleeved gowns are both classically feminine and romantic and are well suited to equally romantic hairstyles such as long waves topped by a crown braid. A waterfall braid would be an equally beautiful option. This look is easily accessible to those with all hair lengths with the addition of clip in hair extensions. To complete the look, add in the seasonal color palette of deep reds and golds in the bouquet and make up. A luxurious burgundy lip color accented by a golden hued eyeshadow will complement your theme perfectly.

Table Settings

Fall table settings are full of possibilities and there are many great produce choices that are a fun and cost effective alternative to the standard flowers and votives. Sprinkling the table with seasonal produce such as apples, pumpkins, cranberries, and mini gourds are all great ideas. You can even use each as a unique name card holder, whether you place the card atop a pinecone or even paint the name right on a mini pumpkin. Another easy idea is to place a candle in the middle of a candle votive and fill the remaining space with acorns. If you’re doing flowers, why not use hallowed out larger pumpkins as a vase? There’s really no limit to what you can do with just a few types of produce once you get going.

My name is Christopher Guest and I write for The Lauren Ashtyn Collection.

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Amazing Features Of Engagement Photography

Is your engagement fixed? Then you should plan to take quality photos during your engagement. It is very costly to get the photos from a professional. Several professional photographers may ask you for a session fee besides very costly reprint rates. You will come across some photographers, who may charge you $40 or more for 8×10 prints.

However, you should not blame the photographers as several photographers are good enough to ask that rates. You should know that for having shot engagement sessions it may take little time. For professional photographers, an average session should take around 5 hours of entire time including communications or initial contacts with the couple, capturing the photos, processing the couple’s order, driving to the photo site and downloading or handing out the raw images.

The bedroom is usually the setting of DC Engagement Photographer. Recently, engagement photography has been famous as a gift. Though not a bad idea, you can present the set of engagement photographs as a wedding gift to the groom or bride. An Engagement conference is a Photography Session, which is planned to take place few months or weeks before the wedding ceremony, where a photographer captures the couple at some unique or pleasant place. Engagement photography is more famous during wedding day or an anniversary.

The popularity of engagement photography is increasing beyond wedding circles due to its portrait form. The most important reason is that engagement photography is not observed as a preserve for the sexy and bold. Engagement photography expresses a style of romantic photography, which does not involve any nudity. The engagement patron mostly wears sexy sarees and mind blowing suits. Many brides are dressed in a soft or robe, sometimes-pure wrap, just sufficient to outline her attractive figure. You must remember the fact that nudity is not what means engagement photography but it is more about romance and sensuality.

Washington DC Wedding Photography just emphasizes the couple’s sensitive side. The photos are attractive and fine art representations for the couples. You can take these photographs while a girl wears anything she likes, sarees to a wedding dress. All the engagement photos are captured in great style. Most importantly, the photograph itself suggests that a couple is completely in control and liberated. If you have a engagement photographer then you should bring crutch for your Engagement shooting Session. It is one of the most vital part of the session as it implies a lot impact on the photographs.

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